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Celebrating Christmas with a Probiotea Kefir PUNCH

Are you looking for a special drink to brighten your holiday season? Then you will love this exciting Holiday Probiotea Kefir we are launching this Christmas!

Each Probiotea Kefir is infused with floral, fruits and herbs. Refreshing, festive and healthy, naturally sparkling, low in sugar and full of microbiotics. It's the best alternative to a glass of champagne or white wine!

Our Canberry Cuddle Probiotea Kefir is crisp, tart, refreshing and full of probiotics! The aromatic fruity scent of cranberry and the warmth of the ginger, cinnamon, and cloves tones down the tartness while spices it up a touch!

We brew with Passion! And so we brewed up an amazing passionfruit flavour - Passion Paradise Probiotea Kefir with sweet mango and a tangy guava note. This delicious kefir is true to fruits, fresh with all natural flavor.

Our Pink Lady Mocktail Mojito Kefir is your most ideal replacement to champagne or wine this Christmas! Refreshing, zesty and packed with live probiotic goodness!

It is simply delicious! Make it a part of your daily routine or serve it at your next holiday party especially this Christmas, either way it will be a big hit!

Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!! Thank you so much for being part of us and we cannot wait to bring you even bigger, better (and absolutely delicious) Probiotea Kefir in the New Year!

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