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Our TCM Floral Health Tea 花茶

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a traditional form of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years in China and other parts of Asia. TCM Floral Tea is a type of tea that is used in the practice of TCM.

TCM Floral Tea is made with herbal ingredients, flowers, and fruit that are infused  together to make a healthy drink. It has many health benefits including helping with stomach issues and boosting the immune system.


As one of the best tasting teas on the market, Bontanitea has been a favorite among many customers since it was first introduced to the market in 2019.

Each flower health tea boasts numerous health benefits, thanks to their high antioxidant properties which also include slimming, relieving stress, regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing bloating, relieving constipation, promoting healthy hair to fighting signs of aging.

At Bontanitea, we have carefully blend each quality tea to fulfill their maximum benefit cater to a respective health concern.

花茶,被称为草本茶、开花茶,或通常称为 tisane,不仅仅是一杯普通的饮料。不仅香还很漂亮!花茶的一大好处是它们不含咖啡因,因为它们是 100% 天然纯花。 每种花茶都具有许多健康益处,这要归功于它们的高抗氧化特性,其中还包括减肥、缓解压力、调节月经周期、减少腹胀、缓解便秘、促进健康的头发对抗衰老迹象。 在 Bontanitea,我们精心混合了每种优质茶,以实现它们的最大益处,以满足各自的健康问题。

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